Film and Television Director

Kristin Lehman

Kristin’s combined, 30 years of experience within the film and television industry as an in demand leading actress have proven to be a rich environment in which to develop her unique directorial voice.

Her many years in front of the camera’s lens has allowed her to move naturally into the craft of directing with a seasoned and premium cinematic eye. Her directing work is characterized by a deft and compelling blend of intimate and rich performances with an innate facility and understanding of the camera and storytelling.


She naturally brings with her a commitment to character, narrative, and script, combined with an evocative visual language and expert knowledge of the camera. Kristin holds the distinction of being the first Canadian actress to headline, direct, and actively produce a Canadian network television show for 4 seasons, on the joint CTV/ NBCUInternational production, “Motive”.

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Season 2
  • The Scourge of the Forgotten Rune
  • The Trail of the Missing Witness


Season 4
  • The Ballad of Lives Forgone
  • Burden of Truth
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Season 1
  • Introduction to Ethics PART I
  • Introduction to Ethics PART II


Season 2
  • A New World Order PART I
  • A New World Order PART II
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Heartland Season 13
  • Fight of Flight
Heartland Season 15
  • Blood and Water
  • Happy Ever After

Heartland Season 16
  • Higher Ground
  • Into the Wild
Heartland Season 17
  • Unknown Caller
  • Harmony
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  • Toxic
  • Black and Blue
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  • The Dead Name
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  • The Exorcism of Marcus Moon
  • Two Graves

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